TPP Maritsa East 2

TPP Maritsa East 2 is the owner and operator the biggest lignite-fired thermal power plant in Bulgaria. The TPP is Bulgaria's second largest electricity generation facility with capacity, providing approximately one fifth of the country's electricity.
TPP Maritsa East 2 is fuelled by lignite coal obtained locally from Mini Maritsa iztok, a subsidiary of BEH engaged in coal extraction. The TPP comprises 8 generation units, each with a Flue Gas Desulphurisation installation with over 94% efficiency. The installed generation capacity of the TPP is 1 600 MW. A rehabilitation project in relation to two of the plants' units is expected to increase the TPP's capacity to 1,630 MW.

The TPP's sells electricity generated to NEK on the regulated market and to industrial companies and energy traders at commercially negotiated prices.

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