Natsionalna Elektricheska Kompania

Natsionalna Elektricheska Kompania (NEK) is the owner and operator of a number of hydro power plants (HPP) and public supplier and provider of last resort of electricity in the country. It is engaged in the generation, purchase and sale of electricity on the regulated and free markets, the supply of electricity to certain customers connected to the transmission grid and the import and export of electricity.

On the regulated market, NEK acts as a single buyer from power generators on the high-voltage grid. As the public provider of electric power in Bulgaria, NEK is the single supplier of electricity at regulated prices to the 4r medium and low voltage distribution companies in Bulgaria and to around 90 industrial customers who are connected to the grid.

NEK is the owner of 30 HPP and pumped storage hydro power plants (PSHPP), with a total installed capacity of 2 713 MW in generating mode, and 937 MW in pumping mode. Most of the hydro power is generated by the 15 largest HPPs, which have a total installed capacity of 2,630 MW. They are operated within four hydro power cascades: Belmeken Sestrimo Chaira; Batak; Vacha; and Dolna Arda. All of these HPPs are used to cover peak loads and to regulate the grid system. HPP and PSPP generation depends on the climate and available water supply during the year. On average, NEK's HPPs generate 5% to 10% of the country's electricity.

The table below shows the electricity generation capacity of each of the company's 15 largest HPPs.


Maximum installed capacity (MW)

Pumping mode

Generating mode

PSHPP Chaira



PSHPP Belmeken



HPP Sestrimo



PSHPP Orpheus



HPP Peshtera



HPP Kardjali



HPP Ivaylovgrad



HPP Momina klisura



HPP Tzankov kamak



HPP Studen kladenec



HPP Devin



HPP Krichim



HPP Aleko



HPP Teshel



HPP Batak





2 630


NEK holds licences for the following activities:

  • for operation of its HPPs and PSPPs – 35-year licence granted in February 2001
  • for public supply of electricity – 35-year licence granted in December 2004
  • for supplier of last resort – 26-year licence granted in July 2013
  • for electricity trading – 10-year licence granted in June 2007

In its capacity as the public provider of electricity NEK buys and sells electricity in the country at regulated prices determined by the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (SEWRC) and also at freely determined prices in the electricity market.

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