Financial strategy

BEH's financial strategy focuses on improving the financial strength and flexibility of the Group companies and securing financing for the implementation of strategic investment projects. Our short-term priorities include:

  • Strengthening the financial state of the Group companies
  • Facilitating the settlement of intra-group financial obligations
  • Diversifying funding sources
  • Maintaining a balanced investment policy
  • Consolidating debt at the holding company level

Furthermore, the Group aims to enhance its financial performance by improving operating efficiency and cost reduction and optimization.

As a state-owned energy group, the Group's mid- to long-term strategy seeks to guarantee the security and the relative independence of Bulgaria's energy supply, through the diversification of suppliers and supply routes and to preserve and develop the specific advantages of the Bulgarian energy sector and its position in the regional and European markets. To fulfill its crucial role in preserving, expanding and developing the Bulgarian energy sector BEH must ensure the strategic and efficient financial management of the Group.

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