Audit Committee

Audit committee


The members of the Audit committee of Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD are elected by the Minister of Energy in his capacity of representative of the state as the sole owner of the capital of Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD on the grounds of art.107, para.1 and para.2 of the Independent Financial Audit Act, art.219, para.2, art.221 item 11 of the Commerce Act in connection with art.15, para.1 and para.3 of the Public Enterprises Act and art. 26, para.1 item 3 of the Regulation for the implementation of the Public Enterprises Act.

By Protocol No: Е-РД-21-07 dated 26.02.2021, issued by the Minister of Energy, the following members of the Audit Committee of Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD were re-elected for a term of three years:

and by Protocol No: Е-РД-21-45 dated 28.10.2022


The committee has the following powers:



Report an Irregularity