NPP Kozloduy EAD

Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant is the biggest electricity generation company in Bulgaria which is an important factor for the economic stability in national and regional aspect. The nuclear power plant is a sole-owner shareholding company with 100% state participation which since 18.09.2008 has been a subsidiary of Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD.

There are 6 energy units of Russian design constructed on the site of the power plant with a total capacity of 3760 MW, equipped with pressurized water reactors. Following closure of the first four power units, the two 1000 MW units five and six are in operation which provide more than a third of the electricity  annually generated in the country .

Kozloduy NPP safety has taken main priority and is subject to independent state oversight. Following inspections over the past years by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), etc., the nuclear power plant safety has been highly assessed and internationally recognized.

With its highly qualified personnel and 40 years of experience Kozloduy NPP operates safely and properly and as per operational parameters ranks amongst the best nuclear power plants globally.

Environmental protection is a particularly important element in the company policy. Thanks to the high standards in the field of safety, the gamma background in the area of the power plant does not exceed the levels of the natural background before the construction of the nuclear facilities. In the process of electricity generation Kozloduy NPP practically does not generate greenhouse gases and has a significant environmental contribution to environmental protection for future generations.

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NPP Kozloduy  EAD

3321 Kozloduy
tel: +359 973 7 21 00
fax: +359 973 7 60 19
e-mail: info@npp.bg


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