National Electricity Company EAD

National Electricity company EAD (NEK) is a sole-owner shareholding company, 100% owned by Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD, having its seat in Sofia. The company is managed by a three-member Board of directors. NEK’s main activity is electricity trade and generation.

NEK owns and operates 30 HPPs /  hydro power plants/ and PSHPPs / pumped storage hydro power plants/ with total installed capacity 2713 MW in generating mode and 937 MW in pumping mode. The main generation of electricity is by the power plants within Belmeken- Sestrimo- Chaira, Vacha, Batak and Arda cascades. 

NEK manages and maintains 41 big dam walls, more than 500 water abstraction facilities and hundreds of kilometers non- headrace and headrace derivations. The total built-up volume of dams is 50.1% of the total volume of water storage facilities in Bulgaria.

The main operations of the company are related to:

  • Guaranteeing electricity supply to citizens on the regulated market
  • Electricity trade in the country and abroad on the free market
  • HPP and PSHPP electricity generation
  • Investment operations guaranteeing security and development of the electricity system
  • Construction and repair activities in the field of electricity generation
  • Introduction and popularization of energy efficiency in electricity generation

NEK EAD holds the following licenses issued by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission:

  • License for electricity generation from HPP and PSHPP
  • License for public supply of electricity supplemented with rights and obligations for the activity of a special balancing group coordinator
  • License for electricity trade supplemented with rights and obligations for the activity of a standard balancing group coordinator
  • License for electricity supply by a last resort supplier supplemented with rights and obligations for the activity of a special balancing group coordinator

 Certificates issued to NEK EAD by the Construction Chamber

  • First group construction ( high-rise construction, its ancillary infrastructure, electronic communication networks and facilities) , from third to fifth category ;
  • Second group construction ( transport infrastructure construction), of fourth category;
  • Third group construction ( energy infrastructure construction), from first to third category;
  • Fourth group construction (public works infrastructure, hydro technical construction and environmental protection); from first to third category.

 NEK commercial operations are related to:

  • Electricity purchased from generators
  • Electricity generated by its own HPP
  • Electricity purchased under long-term contracts
  • Electricity purchased at preferential prices
  • Electricity purchased at freely-negotiated prices
  • Electricity from import
  • Balancing market

Sales of:

  • Electricity to end providers and electricity distribution companies at regulated parties
  • Electricity to customers at freely negotiated parties
  • Balancing market

Table: Electricity generation capacity of each of the company's 15 largest HPPs.

HPP Maximum installed capacity (MW)
Pumping mode Generating mode
PSHPP Chaira 788 864
PSHPP Belmeken 104 375
HPP Sestrimo - 240
PSHPP Orpheus 45 160
HPP Peshtera - 125
HPP Kardjali - 124
HPP Ivaylovgrad - 120
HPP Momina klisura - 120
HPP Tzankov kamak - 82
HPP Studen kladenec - 82
HPP Devin - 82
HPP Krichim - 80
HPP Aleko - 70
HPP Teshel - 60
HPP Batak - 46
Total 937 2 630

To view the company's financial statements please go to Financial reports.

For more information please visit www.nek.bg/index.php/en/.

National Electricity Company (NEK) EAD

1000 Sofia
5 Veslets str.
tel: +359 2 9263 636
fax: +359 2 980 12 43
e-mail: nek@nek.bg


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