Electricity System Operator EAD

The Electricity System Operator has been a standalone commercial company  since 2007 with a license for a period  of 35 years issued pursuant to Decision № Р-052 dated 28.12.2006 by SEWRC.

The main functions of ESO EAD are the operational management of the electricity system of our country, joint work with electricity networks of other countries, administering the electricity and balancing energy market as well as technical operation and maintenance of the electricity transmission network.

ESO manages the electricity transmission network of the country which is divided into 13 network operating districts – 6 in Northern and 7 in Southern Bulgaria. Their sub-districts  are 15.

The total length of powerlines serviced by ESO EAD is more than 15 thousand kilometers.

The Electricity System Operator maintains 288 transformer and five distribution substations. These are  400 kV Vetren and three at 110 kV  Bononia, Ludogorie, Mayak , ATZ substations.

32 of the substations managed by ESO are system ones with total a transformation capacity above 15 thousand  MVA.

The operational management of the electricity system of Bulgaria is performed by the National Dispatching Centre at ESO which provides for security and continuity of electricity supply to consumers in the country.

In 2015 ESO EAD was certified as an independent operator of the electricity network.

The Electricity System Operator also actively participates in the electricity market liberalization process.

ESO is an active member of ENTSO-E /The European network of transmission system operators for electricity / with its activity and participation in the General assembly and all organization commissions.

To view the company's financial statements, please go to Financial reports.

For more information please visit www.eso.bg/?en.

Electricity System Operator EAD

1618 Sofia
201 Tsar Boris III bulvd.
tel.: +359 2 9696 802
fax: +359 2 9626 129
e-mail: eso@eso.bg


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