Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD

Maritsa East Mines EAD operates the biggest lignite coal mine in Bulgaria with a production area of 240 sq. km. The company provides raw material for the four thermal power plants in the Maritsa East complex which generate more than 30% of the electricity in Bulgaria. The coal is extracted using the open pit method pursuant to a concession contract for 35 years concluded with the Bulgarian government in July 2008. Under the current rate of consumption the coal reserves of Maritsa East Mines EAD will be sufficient for more than 60 years. An integrated quality management, environment and occupational health and safety system functions at the Company.

Maritsa East Mines EAD is a 100% state company and has the status of a site with a strategic function in the Energy sector. Since September 2008 it has been part of Bulgarian Energy Holding.

To view the company's financial statements, please go to Financial reports.

For more information please visit www.marica-iztok.com/en.

Maritsa East Mines EAD

6260 Radnovo
13 Georgi Dimitrov str.
tel: +359 417 833 05;
fax: +359 417 826 05
e-mail: mmi-ead@marica-iztok.com


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